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BD Viper™ System with XTR Technology

The BD Viper™ System with XTR Technology ‹ Delivering diagnostic accuracy through precision product design and a commitment to reliability
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A single automated platform that efficiently runs five sexually transmitted disease assays with clinical accuracy and minimal hands on time.


The BD Viper™ System delivers:

  • Efficiency
    • Up to 736 results per 8.5 hour shift
    • Less than 20 minutes of total hands on time per run
    • On-board sample DNA extraction
  • Flexibility
    • Runs up to five sexually transmitted disease assays simultaneously
  • Accuracy
    • Automated sample processing and ready to use reagents reduce labor and errors 
    • Automatic system checks ensure the system is running smoothly prior to and during each run


Strand displacement amplification (SDA) offers proven specificity and contamination control. These assays have high sensitivity and specificity, proven and published clinical studies. Five common STD tests are offered on a single platform: