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BD Affirm™ VPIII Microbial Identification System

Improve accuracy with DNA-probe technology that detects from a single swab, the 3 organisms most associated with Vaginitis.
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The BD Affirm VPIII™ is a molecular system for the detection of Vaginitis- Helping achieve objective results for better patient care through an accurate, easy-to-use, automated platform

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Traditional methods for the detection of Vaginitis, such as microscopy, gram staining, and culture, are subjective.  These methods are also shown through repeated studies to be low in sensitivity and specificity, and highly demanding on staff.  The BD Affirm solves these problems by providing

  • Accuracy
    • DNA-probe technology has been shown to be more sensitive and specific leading to improved outcomes
    • Improved accuracy compared to traditional methods1
    • Single swab for all three organisms (Candida, Gardnerella, Trichomonas)
  • Efficiency
    • Processes 6 specimens simultaneously in under 45 minutes with less than 2.5 minutes of hands on time
    • Automated processing
  • Actionable Results
    • Easy-to-read visual results cards allow for consistent outcomes and improved workflow
    • Non-amplified, built-in threshold of disease detection (will not overcall normal flora as an infection)
    • Built-in controls give you confidence in results
    • DNA probe technology manages mixed or difficult infections by binding only the true target and not interfering substances

1Affirm Package Insert

Ambient Temperature Transport System (ATTS)

Ambient Temperature Transport System (ATTS) kit allows you the flexibility to take a sample, transport and process at your convenience

  • Provides 72 hour ambient temperature transport and stability

Affirm ATTS wallchart