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Healthcare associated infections (HAIs) are the most frequent adverse event in healthcare delivery worldwide.

Healthcare associated infections (HAIs) are the most frequent adverse events in healthcare delivery worldwide. Millions of patients are affected by HAIs worldwide each year, leading to significant mortality and financial losses for health systems.

Direct medical costs of HAIs are estimated to be between $35 – $45 billion per year in the U.S. alone.1

Early and accurate detection of these organisms, combined with appropriate infection control interventions and treatment of patients, can help prevent HAIs, improve patient care and reduce the financial impact to healthcare systems.

As a pioneer and leader in the accurate detection and prevention of HAI’s through advanced molecular technologies, BD continues to raise the bar in the fight against HAI’s with the next generation of BD MAX™ assays for the detection of HAI’s. BD offers a comprehensive suite of HAI solutions for the BD MAX designed to detect novel and emerging infections:

  • BD MAX™ MRSA XT (targets MRSA eXTended detection)- Active surveillance testing covering the broadest available range of MRSA strains (novel mecC, new MREJ types).2 Avoids false positives due to mecA dropouts that can be as high as 17.9% of suspected MRSA isolates.
  • BD MAX™ StaphSR (targets MRSA and S. aureus (SA))- Presurgical testing covering the broadest available range of MRSA and SA strains.3 Enables effective prevention strategies to reduce SSIs and promote targeted management of antimicrobials; The BD MAX Staph SR assay also contains XT technology and detects the same MRSA strains covered by BD MAX™ MRSA XT.  Currently Available

  • BD MAX™ Cdiff (targets Toxin B gene (tcdB))- CDC has defined C. difficile infection as the number one emerging antimicrobial resistance threat in the US.  The BD MAX Cdiff test helps diagnose CDI and prevent transmission of C. difficile; in-patients suspected of CDI.  The BD MAX Cdiff test can provide a lower total cost in use solution and improved workflow efficiency.  Your BD Molecular Specialist can run a customized model that will demonstrate the economic benefits of BD MAX Cdiff compared to your current system.



1. The Direct Medical Costs of Healthcare-Associated Infections in US Hospitals and the Benefits of Prevention. (2009) By R. Douglas Scott II, Economist at the CD’s Division of Healthcare Quality Promotion

2. Covers all the same MRSA strains as BD MAX StaphSR.

3. Roy et al., Evaluation of the analytical reactivity (inclusivity) and analytical specificity (cross-reactivity) of the BD MAX™ StaphSR Assay, a new automated molecular assay. ASM 2013 abstract #1805, BD internal data and competitive package inserts.