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For clinicians, patient care is always the top priority. Traditional diagnostics leave up to 40% of women with vaginitis undiagnosed after an initial clinical visit. Learn more about the burden your female patients may be facing and how the BD MAX™ Vaginal Panel can help you elevate the standard of care.

Complex Vaginitis Cases: Applying New Diagnostic Methods to Enhance Patient Outcomes

In this educational activity, Dr. Jane R. Schwebke presents three complex vaginitis cases, including resistant vulvovaginal candidiasis, bacterial vaginosis, and mixed infections. Dr. Schwebke discusses, as each relates to complex vaginitis cases, common issues, such as poor management, inaccurate diagnosis, and improper treatment; differential diagnosis; and testing, including a discussion around molecular tests providing superior sensitivity and specificity.
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Diagnosing Vaginitis: Clinical Evaluation of the BD MAX Vaginal Panel

In this webinar, watch Charlotte Gaydos, Dr.P.H., M.P.H. provide insight into BD MAX Vaginal Panel clinical trial design and data, and the clinical value the test offers through the BV algorithm and ability to identify C. glabrata and C. krusei.
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Burdensome Vaginal Infections: Best Diagnostic Practices for Driving Better Patient Outcomes

In this webinar, watch an interview of Neil S. Silverman, MD focusing on the most likely causes for vaginal infections and the diagnostic and treatment approaches for patients presenting with vaginitis. CME credit offered.
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The Burden of Bacterial Vaginosis and Women’s Experiences with Clinical Care

In this audiocast, listen to an overview of abstracts focused on the burden faced by women with recurring vaginal infections. The need for improved clinical management of this disease can be supported by better diagnostic tools and approaches.
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Bacterial Vaginosis: The Impact of Incorrect Diagnosis

In this CME credited presentation and self test, learn about the causes and prevalence of Vaginitis/Vaginosis, the importance of consistent diagnostic testing and the availability of the most current treatment guidelines.
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The following Letter of Medical Necessity for the BD MAX Vaginal Panel may be helpful when drafting insurance correspondence for your patients based on their unique medical history. Download the Letter of Medical Necessity Template >>

BD knows that insurance reimbursement is a key part of your institution’s operation and a concern of your patients. BD has a reimbursement site for BD MAX available, hosted and supported by CodeMap. Please visit the site at the following link:

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