BD Molecular Diagnostics


BD Molecular Diagnostics

Offering a highly efficient path to improved clinical outcomes through flexible molecular solutions.


Total Efficiency – Automation that’s Flexible and Intuitive

BD’s Molecular Solutions provide efficiency throughout the diagnostic process, redefining clinical staff productivity. This results in better resource usage, allowing for improved outcomes and a better lab.


Leading-Edge Solutions Resulting in Improved Outcomes for All

BD’s Molecular Solutions help increase the standard of patient care by providing an innovative path to actionable and accurate results.


Flexible Solutions for the Evolving Landscape of Diagnostics

BD’s Molecular Solutions address the needs of the changing laboratory environment by transforming your lab with dynamic products and support.


Accuracy You Can Count On

BD’s Molecular Solutions deliver diagnostic accuracy through advanced technology such as PCR, a commitment to reliability and precision product design. Result? Peace of mind.

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BD MAX System Enteric Parasite Panel Now FDA Cleared

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